Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Funk Bottoms Race Date Soon Approaching June 15, 2019

Funk Bottoms Race Date Soon Approaching June 15, 2019

  • The date for the 9th Funk Bottoms Gravel is fast approaching. The race will start at 8:00 am sharp at the Glenmont Village Park 108 Main Street, Glenmont, OH 44628. Google maps directions can be found here

  • Race day check-in will begin at 6:30.  Everyone will be required to sign a waiver.  You will receive your number, a map and cue sheet, along with some samples from Hammer Nutrition

The 2019 shirt

  • Registration is on   All racers who register before May 31st will get a T-shirt.  The last day to register online will be Wednesday June12th.   

  • All registered entrants will receive a  code for $10 off RoadID.   

  • There will be custom awards to the top 3 in Men 100K, Women 100K, 100K Single Speed, Men 200K, Women 200K, 200K Single Speed. 

  • The top Male and Female in the 200K will receive a free entry into this year's Gravel Worlds
  • One of the winners will receive a set of Velocity Aileron rims with a custom anodized color. 

  • Along with custom awards, the winner of each category will receive a case of Yuengling and a $35 Gift Certificate for RoadID. 
  • Any racer doing the 200K in under 11 hours will receive the coveted Cook'em Kwick Hobo Stove along with having their entry fee refunded. 

  • Details on this years course can be found on the Maps Page

Friday, May 10, 2019

2019 Registration Information

2019 Registration Information 

Registration for this year's Funk Bottoms Gravel 100K\ 200K will be open on December 1, 2018.

The 9th edition of the Funk Bottoms Gravel will take place on June 15, 2019, at 8:00 am in Glenmont, OH.

Now in its 9th year, Funk Bottoms Gravel will once again challenge cyclists to Ohio’s Toughest Gravel Grinder. Two races, one brutal course! A one lap 100K race and for the ultimate challenge, a double lap 200K race. The course will take riders along some of Ohio’s most scenic back country roads. On each lap, riders will be challenged with over 7,000 feet of vertical climbing! The 200K race is an Ohio epic. It is a relentless and grueling climber’s course. The overall 200K female and male finishers will receive a free entry into Gravel Worlds in Lincoln Nebraska.

Road conditions are a mix of paved, chip & seal, and 90% gravel & dirt roads. The Funk 100K/200K is a self-supported event and riders must be prepared for any mechanical and nutritional needs. No outside support is allowed. Our good friends at Hammer Nutrition will once again be providing support with Hammer Fuels before the race, and at the secret checkpoint. As usual, this year’s race will be an entirely new course incorporating various roads from previous years along with some new sections. This is a cue sheet race. The roads are open to normal traffic in the area.  Expect to encounter cars, trucks, horses, buggies, farm equipment, ATV’s, buzzards, road kill, and the occasional farm dog at any given time. Rain or shine, it’s Funk time!

Register before May 31st and get this year's shirt.

The Funk Bottoms Gravel has grown steadily over the years, and unfortunately, we have to charge for the race this year. Registration will be $35 before April 30th, and $40 after May 1st. All racers who register before May 31st will receive a T-Shirt.  Racers who enter the 200K will be eligible to earn points for the new Ohio Gravel Race Series.  

The winners of each category will receive a custom trophy and case of Yuengling beer. There will be awards for the Top 3 in  Men’s 100K open, Woman's 100K open, 100K Single Speed, Men’s 200K open, Woman's 200K open and 200K Single Speed.  Any racer doing the 200K in under 11 hours will receive the coveted Cook’em Kwick Hobo Stove, and their entry fee refunded.

The Funk Bottoms Gravel 100K\200K will start at 8:00 am sharp at Glenmont Park 108 Main Street, Glenmont, OH   44628.

A portion of this year’s proceeds will be donated to the Holmes County Rails-to-Trails Coalition.

See Event Website for detailed information, 2019 new start location, and event updates.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

2019 Funk Bottoms Gravel-The Course

Here are the much-anticipated details on the 9th Funk Bottoms Gravel course.  We will start at the Glenmont Park at 8:00 am sharp on Saturday, June 15th.

Course notes can be found on the Maps page. Learn about the history of the FBG and past winners here

Registration on BikeReg

Course Notes, GPX file, and Cue Sheet

The course will be marked the day before with color-coded turns.  All Starboard turns will have green signs and all Port turns will have red signs Think like a pirate as you navigate the gravel seas of Ohio.  There will also be arrows painted on the ground before turns. 

This year we have found a new home in Glenmont. As usual, the course will be a mix of previously used roads and new roads.  The ever-popular hike-a-bike from 2017 will be back on the course this year.  If you liked the abandoned bridge from that year, well  we have a treat in store for you.  
Gravel, mud, ghost towns, rock quarries, hills, Bigfoot, this years course has something for everyone.  Did I mention the hills? Good. Just in case we forgot, we added a few more.  For the numbers geeks, here is some data from this years course. There will be 10 sections that are not gravel for a total of 7.8 miles. To make up for all the pavement there will only be 6.1 flat miles.

Course map on

Leg Dir Notes Total
Right on Clifton St 0.2
0.3 slight Left on TWP RD 29 0.5
2.1 Right on CO Hwy 6 2.6
0.2 Left on TWP RD 34 2.7
2.1 Right on US 62 4.9
0.2 Left on TWP RD 28 5.1
1.5 Left on TWP Hwy 324/  130 6.6
0.6 Left on Twp 22/67 7.2
1.4 Right on TWP RD 67 8.1
2.4 Right on CO RD 53 10.4
0.3 Right on TWP RD 324 10.7
2.1 Left on TWP RD 326 12.8
1.8 Right on CO RD 19 14.6
0.2 slight Right on TWP RD 19 14.8
2.6 Right on CO RD 33 17.4
2 slight Right on CO RD 401 19.4
0.7 slight Right on CO RD 20 20.1
1.4 Left on SR 206 21.5
0.1 Right on TWP RD 356 21.6
1.6 slight Left on TWP RD 357 23.2
1 Right on TWP RD 368 24.2
2.7 Left on Tiverton TWP RD 368 26.9
3.3 Right on Hunter RD 30.2
0.1 Right to get on to HCT 30.3
0 Left on HCT 30.3
0.6 Right to gravel pit 31
0 Follow access road  31
0.2 Continue on Brinkhaven Rd 31.3
3.8 Left on Brinkhaven RD 35
1.3 Left on Nashville RD SR 514 36.3
0.3 Right on Wally RD 36.6
0.2 Left on Beam RD 36.8
1.2 Left on Big Hill 38.8
0.4 Left on Gessling RD 39.2
0.4 Right on Jericho RD 39.6
0.5 Right on Temple RD 40.2
1.9 Right on TWP Hwy 3352 42.1
0.1 Left on TWP Hwy 539 42.3
1.2 Right on TWP RD 210 43.5
0.2 Right on TWP RD 208 43.7
0.6 Left on TWP RD 211 44.2
2.4 Slight Left/Right on TWP Rd 211 46.6
2.7 Left on OH-514 N 49.3
0.7 Right on Millersburg St 50
0.6 Right on TWP Rd 219 50.6
1.1 Left on Co Rd 280 51.7
0.3 Continue on TWP Rd 217 52
0.8 Right on TWP Rd 218 52.7
1 Left on Co Rd 280 53.7
0.5 Left on Co Hwy 51 54.2
0.7 Right on TWP Rd 259 54.9
2 Right on TWP Rd 258 56.9
1.2 Left on TWP Rd 257 58.1
0.2 Slight Right on TWP Rd 256 58.4
0.4 Left on TWP Rd 255 58.7
1.1 Right on TWP Rd 252 59.8
1.6 Left on TWP Rd 36 61.4
2.1 Left on OH-520 E 63.5
0.6 Right on TWP Rd 31 64
0.1 Right on Old RR tracks 64.1
2.5 Right on Clifton St 66.5
0.1 Left on Galatian St 66.6
Through parking lot across Bridge