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2019 Funk Bottoms Gravel Course

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Mile 6 hike a bike (Don't worry its only about 3/4 mile)

Mile 14 Slight right from County 19 to Township 19

Mile 26.9 you are on Coschston 368 turn left on Tiverton 368

Mile 30.3 Holmes County Trail/ Bridge of Dreams. 

Mile 31 right from HCT into the gravel pit.

Follow access road through gravel pit to Brinkhaven Rd

Mile 32 Brinkhaven natural spring

Mile 39.6 Keep right at the fork to turn on Jerico

Twp 211 Watch for Bigfoot

Mile 45.3 use caution when crossing Wally Rd.

Mile 46.6 slight left/ right to stay on TWP 211

Mile 58 the right turn-on 256 can be difficult to notice.

Mile 63 use caution at the bottom of TWP 36

Old Railbed
Mile 64.1 Entrance to Railbed right after turn on 31

The rock yard at Briar Hill will be marked

Sorry, no bridge of doom this year.

Mile 66.3 Creek crossing

To finish cut through the parking lot, across the bridge to finish.

2019 Funk Bottoms Gravel Course Notes
Right on Clifton St0.2
0.3slight Left on TWP RD 290.5
2.1Right on CO Hwy 62.6
0.2Left on TWP RD 342.7
2.1Right on US 624.9
0.2Left on TWP RD 285.1
1.5Left on TWP Hwy 324/  1306.6
0.6Left on Twp 22/677.2
1.4Right on TWP RD 678.1
2.4Right on CO RD 5310.4
0.3Right on TWP RD 32410.7
2.1Left on TWP RD 32612.8
1.8Right on CO RD 1914.6
0.2slight Right on TWP RD 1914.8
2.6Right on CO RD 3317.4
2slight Right on CO RD 40119.4
0.7slight Right on CO RD 2020.1
1.4Left on SR 20621.5
0.1Right on TWP RD 35621.6
1.6slight Left on TWP RD 35723.2
1Right on TWP RD 36824.2
2.7Left on Tiverton TWP RD 36826.9
3.3Right on Hunter RD30.2
0.1Right to get on to HCT30.3
0Left on HCT30.3
0.6Right to the gravel pit31
0Follow access road 31
0.2Continue on Brinkhaven Rd31.3
3.8Left on Brinkhaven RD35
1.3Left on Nashville RD SR 51436.3
0.3Right on Wally RD36.6
0.2Left on Beam RD36.8
1.2Left on Big Hill38.8
0.4Left on Gessling RD39.2
0.4Right on Jericho RD39.6
0.5Right on Temple RD40.2
1.9Right on TWP Hwy 335242.1
0.1Left on TWP Hwy 53942.3
1.2Right on TWP RD 21043.5
0.2Right on TWP RD 20843.7
0.6Left on TWP RD 21144.2
2.4Slight Left/Right on TWP Rd 21146.6
2.7Left on OH-514 N49.3
0.7Right on Millersburg St50
0.6Right on TWP Rd 21950.6
1.1Left on Co Rd 28051.7
0.3Continue on TWP Rd 21752
0.8Right on TWP Rd 21852.7
1Left on Co Rd 28053.7
0.5Left on Co Hwy 5154.2
0.7Right on TWP Rd 25954.9
2Right on TWP Rd 25856.9
1.2Left on TWP Rd 25758.1
0.2Slight Right on TWP Rd 25658.4
0.4Left on TWP Rd 25558.7
1.1Right on TWP Rd 25259.8
1.6Left on TWP Rd 3661.4
2.1Left on OH-520 E63.5
0.6Right on TWP Rd 3164
0.1Right on Old RR tracks64.1
2.5Right on Clifton St66.5
0.1Left on Galatian St66.6
Through parking lot across Bridge

Directions to the Start

The 9th edition of the Funk Bottoms Gravel 100K/200K race will be 8:00 am on June 15, 2019, at the Glenmont Village Park 108 Main Street, Glenmont, OH 44628  Google maps directions can be found here

Course Markings

Thanks to our volunteers the  Funk Bottoms Gravel will be marking the course again this year.

 As you navigate the gravel seas of Ohio you will be making Port and Starboard turns.


Arrows on ground

Don't rely on course markings as the locals may remove them after the course has been marked.  Each rider will receive a map and cue sheet that will be accurate. 

Email me if you need a gpx file.  

Questions, comments, concerns? Post here or send me an email

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