Maps/ Directions

The 2020 Funk Bottoms Gravel Course will be posted in May. 

3/2/20 Funk Bottoms course preview #1 the first 5 miles. There are 626 feet of climbing and 521 feet of descending.

3/9/20 Funk Bottoms course preview #2 the miles 5-10. There are 610 feet of climbing and 646 feet of descending.

3/16/20 Funk Bottoms course preview #3 the miles 10-15. There are 613 feet of climbing and 561 feet of descending.

3/23/20 Funk Bottoms course preview #4 the miles 15-20. There are 610 feet of climbing and 830 feet of descending.

Directions to the Start

The 10th edition of the Funk Bottoms Gravel 100K/200K race will be 8:00 am on June 13, 2020, at the Glenmont Village Park 108 Main Street, Glenmont, OH 44628  Google maps directions can be found here

Course Markings

Thanks to our volunteers the  Funk Bottoms Gravel will be marking the course again this year.

 As you navigate the gravel seas of Ohio you will be making Port and Starboard turns.


Arrows on ground

Don't rely on course markings as the locals may remove them after the course has been marked.  Each rider will receive a map and cue sheet that will be accurate. 

Email me if you need a gpx file.  

Questions, comments, concerns? Post here or send me an email

Local Camping Information 

Mohican Wilderness about 11 miles from the start

Mohican State Park about 15 miles from the start

Discover Mohican general travel information for the area.

Long Lake Campground is a small campground 20 miles from the start

Mohican Adventures has lots of sites and is 15 miles from the start.

Smith’s Campground  another large campground 10 miles from start

Wooster, OH Hotels 27 Miles

Millersburg, OH Hotels, 15 Miles

Mt. Vernon, OH Hotels 28 Miles

Local Breweries

Millersburg Brewery, Millersburg,

Uniontown Brewery, Ashland

Stein Brewing, Mt Vernon

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