Monday, May 3, 2021

2021 Funk Bottoms Gravel - The Course

Here is information for the 11th Funk Bottoms Gravel.  New this year the 200K will start at 7:00 am, and the 100K will start at 8:00 am.  Starting location is Glenmont Park.

Course notes can be found on the Maps page. Learn about the history of the FBG and past winners here

Registration on BikeReg

The course will be marked the day before with color-coded turns.  Think like a pirate as you navigate the gravel seas of Ohio. All Starboard turns will have green signs, and all Port turns will have red signs.  There will be blue arrows painted on the ground at turns this year.  

As usual, the course will be a mix of previously used roads along with new roads. Some sections of this year's route have not been included since 2012. There are around 1.5 new miles of roads.  The town of Killbuck around mile 24 will offer riders to purchase food/ water at the local stores.   The last few miles will be like the 2019 course of riding down the abandoned railbed before going through the rock pit at Briar Hill Stone.  Please do not ride the section of Briar Hill Stone before race day as it's private property and will only have access to the land on race day.  There will be a creek crossing again at the end of the railbed near the finish.

There will be 13 sections of pavement for 11.8 miles total. 

Course map on

Left on ​Twp Rd 140.3
2.8Right on ​Twp Rd 323.2
0.5Right on Holmes County 753.7
0.2Left on Twp Rd 173.9
1.5Right on ​Twp Rd 165.4
0.7Right to stay on ​Twp Rd 166.1
1.3Slight Right on OH-520 E7.4
0.6Left on Twp 208
1.5Left on Twp Rd 2258.9
1Left on ​Co Rd 5010
1Right on ​Twp Rd 22411
1.6Right on ​Co Rd 5212.5
0.6Sharp Left on ​Twp Rd 22313.1
0.9Right on Twp Rd 22114
2.5Continue on Twp Rd 25116.5
0.8Slight Left\Continue ​Twp Rd 3617.3
0.1Right on ​Twp Rd 25217.3
1.9Right on Twp Rd 5519.2
2.3Left on ​Twp Rd 5421.5
1.1Right on Twp Rd 6422.6
0.8Left on OH-52023.4
1Left on Co Rd 62124.4
0.3Continue on W Front St24.6
0.1Right on S Railroad St24.8
0.1Left on ​E Grover St/​S Railroad St24.9
1.2Right onTwp Rd 7926.1
0.9Slight Right on Twp Rd 8126.9
2.2Right on Twp Rd 8529.1
0.2Continue on Twp Rd 12929.4
0.7Right on Co Rd 1930.1
1.5Left on OH-60 S31.6
0.3Right on Twp Rd 49031.9
0.1Left on Co Rd 1932
0.5Right at Twp Rd 32432.5
1.4Left on Co Rd 32333.9
1.4Right on Co Rd 1935.3
0.6Left on Twp Rd 33035.9
0.8Slight Right on Twp Rd 32936.7
2.3Right on Co Rd 3339
2.7Right on Twp Rd 1941.8
2.6Left toward Co Rd 1944.3
0Continue on Co Rd 1944.4
0.2Left on Twp Rd 32644.6
1.8Right on Twp Rd 32446.4
2.1Left on Co Rd 5348.5
0.3Left on ​Twp Rd 6748.8
1.6Right on Twp Rd 7350.4
1.6Right on ​Twp Rd 7151.9
1.1Left on Co Rd 5353.1
0.3Continue on Co Hwy 62053.3
0.4Right on ​Twp Rd 5753.7
1.5Right on ​County Rd 655.2
0Continue on ​Twp Rd 6455.2
0.8Left on Twp Rd 5456
2.3Right on ​Twp Rd 5557.1
0.4Left on Twp Rd 25259.4
1.9Left on Twp Rd 3661.3
2Left on OH-520 E63.3
0.6Right on Twp Rd 3163.9
0.1Right on Old RR tracks64
2.4Right on Clifton St66.4
0.1Left on Galatian St66.5
Through parking lot across Bridge

Friday, December 4, 2020

11th Funk Bottoms Gravel June 19, 2021

 The 11th Funk Bottoms Gravel 100K/200K will be on Saturday June 19, 2021, in Glenmont, OH. 


The 11th edition of the Funk Bottoms Gravel will be held on Saturday June 19, 2021, in Glenmont, OH. New this year the 200K will start at 7:00am and the 100K will start at 8:00 am. Funk Bottoms Gravel will once again challenge cyclists to Ohio’s Toughest Gravel Grinder. Once again we have come up with a very special course this year. Two races, one brutal course! A one lap 100K race and for the ultimate challenge, a double lap 200K race. The course will take riders along some of Ohio’s most scenic backcountry roads. On each lap, riders will be challenged with over 7,000 feet of vertical climbing! The 200K race is an Ohio epic. It is a relentless and grueling climber’s course. The overall 200K female and male finishers will receive a free entry into Gravel Worlds in Lincoln Nebraska.

               Road conditions are a mix of paved, chip & seal, and 80% gravel & dirt roads. Details on this year's course with maps, cue sheets, and GPX files will be posted in May. The Funk Bottoms Gravel 100K/200K is a self-supported event and riders must be prepared for any mechanical and nutritional needs. No outside support is allowed. Our good friends at Hammer Nutrition will once again be providing support with Hammer Fuels before the race, and at the secret checkpoint. As usual, this year’s race will be an entirely new course incorporating various roads from previous years along with some new sections. This is a cue sheet race. The roads are open to normal traffic in the area.  Expect to encounter cars, trucks, horses, buggies, farm equipment, ATV’s, buzzards, road kill, and the occasional farm dog at any given time. Rain or shine, it’s Funk time!

Registration is open on BikeReg

The winners of each category will receive a custom trophy and case of Yuengling beer. 

There will be awards for the Top 3 in:
Men’s 100K open
Men’s 100K Masters
Woman's 100K open
Woman’s 100K Masters
100K Single Speed
Men’s 200K open
Men’s 200K Masters
Woman's 200K open
Woman’s 200K Masters
200K Single Speed. 

 Any racer doing the 200K in under 11 hours will receive the coveted Cook’em Kwick Hobo Stove, and their entry fee refunded.

               The Funk Bottoms Gravel 200K will start at 7:00 am sharp and the 100K will start at 8:00 am at Glenmont Park 108 Main Street, Glenmont, OH   44628.

A portion of this year’s proceeds will be donated to the Holmes County Rails-to-Trails Coalition.

See Event Website  for updates