Monday, June 8, 2020

2020 Funk Bottoms Gravel Strava ride

2020 Funk Bottoms Gravel Strava ride


Must be registered by June 12th  , Everyone who participates in the Strava race will get a special 10 years of the Funk T-shirt.

If you defer your registration until 2021 or request a refund, you will not get a shirt.

If you donate your race entry fee to the Holmes County Trail, you will receive a Funky surprise in the mail.

We will have a strava segment of 66 miles for the race from the start at park driveway until the split of 520 and Galation Street.

We will check all riders strava to verify they rode the course

Must be at least 66 miles

Time will be based on elapsed time not ride time, do not set your GPS device to auto stop.

You have from May 22 to August 31 to complete the course.

You can ride the course more than once.

If you ride single speed during the strava ride, you must include picture of your bike on the course by one of the scavenger hunt items.

Once you are registered and have completed the route please email your Strava to  We will have a Google Sheets where everyone can view the results. 


Scavenger hunt time Bonus (30 seconds each):

1)     Picture of letters FBG (30 seconds each)

2)     Picture of sign from Jimtown

3)     Picture of one lane bridge

4)     Picture of receipt from Killbuck (double bonus)

5)     Picture of food and drink from Glenmont Tavern (double bonus)

6)     Picture of a cemetery (30 seconds each)

7)     Picture of giant mushroom carved from tree

8)     Picture of Bigfoot with gun

9)     Barn with date on it (bonus for oldest barn)

10)  Fallen tree across the road (it would not be the funk without a fallen tree)


Note: A portion of all racer entry fees will be donated to the Holmes County Trail.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Funk Bottoms Gravel update May 20, 2020.

Fellow Gravel Family, 

Due to the CDC, Federal, and OH COVID-19 guidelines, we regret to inform you that we will be changing things up for the Funk Bottoms Gravel event scheduled for June 13, 2020. Please see below for our race idea and optional cancelation policy

Funk Bottoms Gravel is Ohio’s toughest gravel grinder, but it is no match for the Coronavirus. It saddens our hearts but we feel canceling this year’s race is the best solution. Even though we are a few weeks away from the race, planning this year’s race has been extremely difficult. With all the restrictions in place from the State of Ohio, and for the health and safety of our volunteers, racers, and residents of Holmes County we feel this is the best choice.

Funk Bottoms Gravel is and always will be an unsanctioned event. However, we participated in a USA Cycling Symposium on Promoting Cycling Events in the COVID-19 era. They had several recommendations and best practices for safety and sanitation for event organizers. We felt that in our planning process we had covered everything they suggested. Due in part to social distancing restrictions on pre-race, aid stations, awards, and post-race activities, the fun and spirit of Funk Bottoms would be lost this year.

FBG has cooked up, on our Cook’Em Kwick Hobo Stoves, what will hopefully be a once in a lifetime event. The FBG individual and team gravel time trial. No, it’s not some lame virtual event, it’s the real deal. We are working on the details and will report to you with more info shortly. 

The basics principle for each the Gravel Time Trial race option.

  • Individuals will be allowed a one-time chance to upload their ride to Strava during a designated period. Your Strava activity will be placed against everyone else and you will be issued points towards the Ohio Gravel Race Series and a special FBG award TBD. This will be a one-lap only race.
  • Teams of two to four race option. The “overall team time” will be compared to other teams times uploaded to Strava and a special award (TBD) will be given to each member of the winning team. This category will not be eligible for the Ohio Gravel Race Series points. This will be a one-lap only race. We are thinking of a photo scavenger hunt idea to be included with this race. Those teams who find the most items will get time bonuses
  • Please join the Funk Bottoms Gravel Strava club
  • We will use the same course as posted but will not do the abandoned rail bed, rock quarry, sandpit as they are on private property. An updated map and GPX file will be sent out.
  • You will have from now until August 31 to complete the race.


Cancelation Option

We understand this is not a great idea for many of you, especially for those traveling out of town and planning to make a mini-vacation of the event. For those who do not want to participate, we have decided to offer the following three options regarding your entry fee.

1.  Complete refund of your entry on will allow us to refund your entry to the account in which you made the original payment. Please request a refund by June 13th.

2. Your entry fee can be transferred to the 2021 Funk Bottoms Gravel race.

3.  Your 2020 entry can be 100% donated to the Holmes County Trail fund. 

There is a 7-mile gap from Glenmont to Killbuck that remains as the only trail section in Holmes County yet to be completed sometime in the future. This 29-mile trail, when complete will help, link the Ohio to Erie Trail. The 326-mile OTET designated trail will someday link the Ohio River to Lake Erie. Last year, with your support through donations and a percentage of race entry fees, Funk Bottoms Gravel donated $500 towards this effort. You are all awesome! See the links below if you would like to learn more about these trails

Contact us through email on how you would like to proceed with your entry fee.

Holmes County Trail:

Ohio to Erie Trail:

During these unprecedented times, we hope you are still able to enjoy your favorite gravel roads and local trails while being socially distant. We will get through this and after we do, it will be time to celebrate with a local group ride, fist bumps, and post-ride cheers. We wish you and your families the best of health. 

Thank you & ride safe,

The FBG Family



Tuesday, May 5, 2020

10th Funk Bottoms Gravel-The Course

Update May 12th

 As of now, the race is still on as scheduled.  We plan to make a final decision by the middle of May.  If we have to cancel the race you will have the option of a refund, registration carried over until next year, or your entry being donated to the Homles County Trail. Our goal is to have a safe and fun race for everyone involved. 
Due to social distancing and keep everyone spaced out the 200K racers will start at 7:00 am and the 100K racers will start 8:00 am sharp on Saturday, June 13th.

Here are the much-anticipated details on the 10th Funk Bottoms Gravel course.  We will start at the Glenmont Park Due to social distancing and keep everyone spaced out the 200K racers will start at 7:00 am and the 100K racers will start 8:00 am sharp on Saturday, June 13th.

Course notes can be found on the Maps page. Learn about the history of the FBG and past winners here

Registration on BikeReg

Course Notes, GPX file, and Cue Sheet

The course will be marked the day before with color-coded turns.  All Starboard turns will have green signs and all Port turns will have red signs. Think like a pirate as you navigate the gravel seas of Ohio.  There will also be arrows painted on the ground before turns. 

As usual, the course will be a mix of previously used roads and new roads. This is an epic course for the 10th Funk Bottoms Gravel. 
For the numbers geeks, here is some data from this year's course. There will be 18 sections that are not gravel for a total of 9.5 miles. To make up for all the pavement there will only be 5.59 flat miles.

Course map on


GPX files,course maps, and cue sheets can be downloaded here

Leg Dir Notes Total
  Left  Twp Rd 14 0.3
2.8 Right ​Twp Rd 32 3.2
0.5 Right  Holmes County 75 3.7
0.2 Left Twp Rd 17 3.9
1.5 Right ​Twp Rd 16 5.4
0.7 Right to stay ​Twp Rd 16 6.1
1.3 Slight Right  OH-520 E 7.4
0.6 Left Twp Rd 20 8
0.9 Left  Twp Rd 225 8.9
1 Right  Co Hwy 50 10
1.1 Left  Co Hwy 52 11.1
0.3 Right​Twp Rd 222 11.4
1.3 Right  ​Twp Rd 221 12.7
2.2 Continue ​Twp Rd 251 14.8
0.8 Continue Twp Rd 36 15.6
0.1 Right Twp Rd 252 15.7
1.9 Right ​Twp Rd 55 17.6
2.3 Left  Twp Rd 54 19.9
1.1 Right ​Twp Rd 64 21
0.8 Left  OH-520 21.7
1 Left  Co Rd 621 22.7
0.3 Continue W Front St 23
0.1 Right  S Railroad St 23.1
0.1 Left Co 35/​Grover St/​Railroad St 23.3
1.2 Right  ​Twp Rd 79 24.4
0.9 Slight Right Twp Rd 81 25.3
2.2 Right  Twp Rd 85 27.5
0.2 Continue Twp Rd 129 27.7
0.7 Right  Co Rd 19 28.4
1.5 Left  OH-60 S 30
0.3 Right  Twp Rd 490 30.3
0.1 Left  Co Rd 19 30.3
0.5 Right  Twp Rd 324 30.8
1.4 Left  Co Rd 323 32.2
1.4 Right  Co Rd 19 33.7
0.6 Slight Left  Twp Rd 330 34.3
0.5 Keep Left to stay on Twp Rd 330 34.8
0.3 Slight Right Twp Rd 329 35.1
2.3 Right Co Rd 33 37.4
2.7 Right Twp Rd 19 40.1
2.6 Left toward Co Rd 19 42.7
0 Continue  Co Rd 19 42.7
0.2 Left Twp Rd 326 43
1.8 Right Twp Rd 324 44.8
2.1 Left  Co Hwy 53 46.9
0.3 Left ​Twp Rd 67 47.1
2.4 Left to stay on Twp Rd 67 49.5
0.5 Right  Twp Rd 71 50
1.6 Left to stay on​Twp Rd 71 51.6
0.7 Right to stay onTwp Rd 71 52.2
1.5 Left  Co Hwy 53 53.8
0.3 Continue Co Hwy 620 54.1
0.4 Right  ​Twp Rd 57 54.5
1.5 Right  County Hwy 6 55.9
0 Left to stay on County Hwy 6 55.9
0 Continue Twp Rd 64 56
0.8 Left  ​Twp Rd 54 56.7
1.1 Right  ​Twp Rd 55 57.8
2 Slight Left to stay on​Twp Rd 55 59.8
0.4 Left  ​Twp Rd 252 60.1
1.9 Left  ​Twp Rd 36 62
2 Left  OH-520 E 64
0.6 Right  ​Twp Rd 31 64.6
0.1 Right on Old RR tracks 64.7
2.5 Right on Clifton St 67.1
  Left  Galatian St 67.2
Through parking lot across Bridge

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

2020 Registration Information

2020 Registration Infomation

Updated May 1, 2020

 As of now, the race is still on as scheduled.  We plan to make a final decision by the middle of May.  If we have to cancel the race you will have the option of a refund, registration carried over until next year, or your entry being donated to the Homles County Trail. Our goal is to have a safe and fun race for everyone involved. Due to social distancing and keep everyone spaced out the 200K racers will start at 7:00 am and the 100K racers will start at 8:00 am sharp on Saturday, June 13th.

Registration for the 10th Funk Bottoms Gravel 100K\200K is open.

The 10th edition of the Funk Bottoms Gravel will take place on Saturday, June 13, 2020, at 8:00 am in Glenmont, OH. 

The 10th edition of the Funk Bottoms Gravel will be held on Saturday June 13, 2020, in Glenmont, OH. Both the 100K and 200K start at 8:00 am. Funk Bottoms Gravel will once again challenge cyclists to Ohio’s Toughest Gravel Grinder. To celebrate 10 years of the Funk we have come up with a very special course this year. Two races, one brutal course! A one lap 100K race and for the ultimate challenge, a double lap 200K race. The course will take riders along some of Ohio’s most scenic backcountry roads. On each lap, riders will be challenged with over 7,000 feet of vertical climbing! The 200K race is an Ohio epic. It is a relentless and grueling climber’s course. The overall 200K female and male finishers will receive a free entry into Gravel Worlds in Lincoln Nebraska.

               Road conditions are a mix of paved, chip & seal, and 80% gravel & dirt roads. The Funk Bottoms Gravel 100K/200K is a self-supported event and riders must be prepared for any mechanical and nutritional needs. No outside support is allowed. Our good friends at Hammer Nutrition will once again be providing support with Hammer Fuels before the race, and at the secret checkpoint. As usual, this year’s race will be an entirely new course incorporating various roads from previous years along with some new sections. This is a cue sheet race. The roads are open to normal traffic in the area.  Expect to encounter cars, trucks, horses, buggies, farm equipment, ATV’s, buzzards, road kill, and the occasional farm dog at any given time. Rain or shine, it’s Funk time!

The full details of this year's course will be released in May.  Each week starting in March we will preview 5-mile segments on the Maps page

               Registration will be $35 before April 30th, and $40 after May 1st. All racers who register before May 31st will receive a T-Shirt.  Racers who enter the 200K will be eligible to earn points for the new Ohio Gravel Race Series.  

               The winners of each category will receive a custom trophy and case of Yuengling beer. 

There will be awards for the Top 3 in:
Men’s 100K open
Men’s 100K Masters
Woman's 100K open
Woman’s 100K Masters
100K Single Speed
Men’s 200K open
Men’s 200K Masters
Woman's 200K open
Woman’s 200K Masters
200K Single Speed. 

 Any racer doing the 200K in under 11 hours will receive the coveted Cook’em Kwick Hobo Stove, and their entry fee refunded.

               The Funk Bottoms Gravel 100K\200K will start at 8:00 am sharp at Glenmont Park 108 Main Street, Glenmont, OH   44628.

A portion of this year’s proceeds will be donated to the Holmes County Rails-to-Trails Coalition.

See Event Website  for updates

Register here

Unable to race but still want to join in the fun? We always need volunteers for race day whether it's for an hour or all day. Send us an email

Thursday, January 16, 2020

2020 Funk Bottoms Kits

Last year's Funk Bottoms kit was inspired by the classic Gulf Racing livery. To celebrate 10 years of the Funk this year we are going with a Martini Racing livery theme.

 The deadline to order from Voler February 2nd. The kits will be Shipping on March 13th.  Order early order often. The kits will ship directly from Voler to you.

You can order online from Voler:

Thursday, September 19, 2019

10 Year's of Funk Bottoms Gravel 6.13.20

The 10th edition of the Funk Bottoms Gravel will be on Saturday, June 13, 2020, in Glenmont, OH. More information to be posted soon.  Registration will open up in December.