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2024 Funk Bottoms Gravel -The Course

 The Maps page has the full details for the 14th Funk Bottoms Gravel on Saturday, June 15, 2024.  Important course notes with sections of this year's route where you need to pay extra attention to navigation of safety. Once again the year the 200K will start at 7:00 am, and the 100K will start at 8:00 am.  The starting location is Glenmont Park.


For in-depth details on course notes with turns and pictures check the Course Maps page

The course will be marked the day before with color-coded turns.  Think like a pirate as you navigate the gravel seas of Ohio. All Starboard turns will have green signs, and all Port turns will have red signs. Arrows will be painted on the route to help assist with your navigation. Course markings may be removed or damaged by race morning.  Use your cue sheet, it is accurate. 

    As usual, the course will be a mix of previously used roads along with new roads. Some sections of this year's route are ridden in a different direction than usual to keep it interesting.  This year riders will enjoy just over 8  miles of new roads not ridden in previous years.  There will be 11 sections of pavement covering around 9 miles. 

Learn about the history of FBG and past winners here.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

14th Funk Bottoms Gravel June 15, 2024

Registration for the 14th Funk Bottoms Gravel will open December 1, 2023

The 14th edition of the Funk Bottoms Gravel will be held on Saturday, June 15, 2024, in Glenmont, OH. The 200K will start at 7:00 am and the 100K will start at 8:00 am.

This year there will be a limit of 100 racers for the Men's 100K and Men's Masters 100K. There will be no registration limits for Women, Single Speed, or the 200K. 

Funk Bottoms Gravel will once again challenge cyclists to Ohio’s Toughest Gravel Grinder. As usual, we have come up with a very special course this year. Two races, one brutal course! A one-lap 100K race and for the ultimate challenge, a double-lap 200K race. The course will take riders along some of Ohio’s most scenic backcountry roads. On each lap, riders will be challenged with over 7,000 feet of vertical climbing! The 200K race is an Ohio epic. It is a relentless and grueling climber’s course.

The Funk Bottoms Gravel 100K/200K is a self-supported event and riders must be prepared for any mechanical and nutritional needs. No outside support is allowed. The course will go through small towns so you can resupply with food and water. Our good friends at Hammer Nutrition will once again be providing support with Hammer Fuels before the race, and at the secret checkpoint. Be prepared to ride 25-30 miles between water stops

Road conditions are a mix of paved, chip & seal, and 80% gravel & dirt roads.  Details on this year's course with maps, cue sheets, and GPX files will be posted in May. Keeping with Funk Bottoms tradition of not using the same route each year. This year’s race will be an entirely new course incorporating various roads from previous years along with some new sections.  Funk Bottoms Gravel is a cue sheet race. The roads are open to normal traffic in the area.  Expect to encounter cars, trucks, horses, buggies, farm equipment, ATV’s, buzzards, road kill, and the occasional farm dog at any given time. Rain or shine, it’s Funk time!


Registration will be $40 until April 30th, $50 after May 1st, and $60 after June 1st.  All racers who register before May 31st will receive a T-Shirt.  Racers who enter the 200K will be eligible to earn points for the Ohio Gravel Race Series.  Registration will close on Friday, June 7, 2024, and there will be no race day registration. 


The winners of each category will receive a custom trophy and a case of Yuengling beer. There will be awards for the Top 3 in  Men’s 100K open,  Men’s 100K Masters, Woman's 100K open, Woman’s 100K Masters, 100K Single Speed, Men’s 200K open, Men’s 200K Masters, Woman's 200K open, Woman’s 200K Masters and 200K Single Speed. 

The Funk Bottoms Gravel the 200K will start at 7:00 am and the 100K will start at 8:00 am sharp at Glenmont Park 108 Main Street, Glenmont, OH   44628.

A portion of this year’s proceeds will be donated to the Holmes County Rails-to-Trails Coalition.



100K Route will be released in May 2024.

200K Route will be released in May 2024.

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

2023 Funk Bottoms Gravel Results

 2023 Funk Bottoms Gravel Results

Here are the results for the 13th Funk Bottoms Gravel on Saturday, June 17, 2023. Despite this being one of the toughest courses with over 8000 feet of climbing per lap, course records were set in the 100K and 200K. 

*Denotes past Funk Bottoms Gravel Champion

Men's 100K Open

1) Ben Meer* 3:44:56 (Course Record)
2) Jeff Pendlebury* 4:00:38
3) Aubry Freeman 4:07:15

Woman 100K Open

1) Ames Wilcox 4:56:33
2) Emily Miller 5:00:39
3) Roseann Peiffer 5:24:32

Men's 100K Master

1) Brad Rodgers 4:03:47
2) James Baldesare* 4:04:48
3) Tom Weaver 4:20:09

Woman 100K Master

1) Nicole Brandt 5:55:57
2) Paula Stewart 6:01:00

100K Single Speed

1) Josh Kunz* 4:34:54
2) Travis Stevens 4:44:55
3) Acie Hylton 4:53:16

Men's 200K Open

1) Brendan Housler 8:17:52 (Course Record)
2) John West 8:52:19
3) Andrew Boissiere 9:02:10

Men's 200K Master

1) Bodo Knudsen 9:51:01
2) Scott Morman* 10:11:14
3) Doug Ritzert 10:52:31

Woman 200K Master

1) Judy Stutes* 13:22:07

200K Single Speed
2 riders register both DNS

200K Woman
1 rider register DNS

Mens 100K
Place Name Chip Time
1 Benjamin Meer* 3:44:56
2 Jeffrey Pendlebury* 4:00:38
3 Aubrey Freeman 4:07:15
4 Patrick Kouskouris 4:16:10
5 David Helmuth 4:21:47
6 Nicholas Campbell4:22:25
7 Niklas Brandt 4:22:56
8 Jeff Rupnow 4:23:04
9 Zach Goodrich 4:23:29
10 Nick Snyder 4:24:58
11 Adam Bennett 4:27:36
12 Mike Whitlow 4:30:33
13 Andrew Todd 4:32:04
14 Ryan B 4:38:33
15 Carlitos Guzman 4:38:51
16 Kevin Peterson 4:49:44
17 Matt Orosz 4:55:27
18 Dan Kauffman 4:56:09
19 Neal Schmitt 4:56:13
20 Mark Milliren 4:56:20
23 Christian Petilli 5:11:17
24 Ivan Reed 5:18:33
25 Nathan Schumacher 5:24:23
27 Alex Caupp 5:29:31
28 Randy Slaubaugh 5:30:19
29 John Glenn 5:37:44
30 Darrin Grosch 5:43:12
31 Bernard Stechschulte 5:51:01
32 Corbin Koepke 5:54:16
33 Brandon Kasburg 5:54:22
34 Doug Pinkerton 6:07:22
35 Michael Day 6:09:28
36 Jeff Buzzard 6:14:58
37 Mike Peiffer 6:17:45
38 Randy Tegowski 6:20:56
39 Justin Clark 6:21:10
40 Andy Dennee 6:27:55
41 John Wintersteen 6:31:28
42 Andrew White 6:39:01
43 Donny Arnold 6:39:52
44 Juan Proano 6:47:44
46 Mickey Archacki 7:17:00
47 Jonathan Bobel 7:17:56
48 Grant Thompson 7:17:56
49 Spencer Smith 7:20:27
50 Kyle Smith 7:21:52
51 Doug Hayes 7:22:28
52 Dennis Barberic 7:44:16
53 Radu Herbei 8:04:53
55 Shawn Lemaster 8:32:11
56 Joe Connelly 8:35:46
57 Job Miller 8:42:54
58 Joe Alexander 9:54:52
DNF Ryan Mathews DNF
DNF Alex Valigosky* DNF
DNF Jon Scudamore DNF
DNS Matt Roberts DNS
DNS John Day DNS
DNS Matt Gockstetter DNS
DNS Kevin Rohyans DNS
DNS Jordan Kloss DNS
DNS Jonathan Bylund DNS
DNS Chris Schiffhauer DNS
DNS Maxwell Matsanoff DNS
DNS Michael Reese DNS
DNS Morris Miller DNS
DNS Nathan Wiczer DNS
DNS Rob Thompson DNS
DNS Stephen Coss DNS
DNS Jared Zollars DNS
DNS Eric Laurence DNS
DNS Eric Kehoe DNS
DNS Darren Stursa DNS
DNS Chris Ebert DNS
DNS Ben Doohan DNS
DNS Andrew Purcell DNS
DNS Alex Spectorsky DNS
DNS Abbas Rahimi DNS

Woman 100K
Place Name Chip Time
1 Ames Wilcox 4:56:33
2 Emily Miller 5:00:40
3    Roseann Poeffer 5:24:32
4 Allison Keifer 7:06:26
5 Jess Evans 8:32:09
DNS Megan Miller DNS
DNS Christina Tobe DNS

100K Single Speed
Place Name Chip Time
1 Joshua Kunz* 4:34:55
2 Travis Stevens 4:44:56
3 Acie Hylton 4:53:17
4 Tucker Cavanaugh 4:58:28
5 Betsy Schauer 4:58:48
6 Jeff Frasz 5:32:29
DNS Jack Richardson DNS

Men Master 100K 
Place Name Chip Time
1 Brad Rogers 4:03:47
2 James Baldesare* 4:04:48
3 Dorel Stoia 4:06:22
4 Tom Weaver 4:20:09
5 Christopher Massa 4:33:30
6 Jonathan Leavitt 4:37:43
7 Matt Bennett 4:39:05
8 Nate Loman 4:39:06
9 David Cox 4:43:33
10 George Stacko 4:45:16
11 Brad Beeson 4:48:54
12 Paul Miles 4:50:20
13 Scott Young 4:55:38
14 Doug Carraway 4:56:11
15 Patrick Louchouarn 4:56:22
16 Mike Henry 4:56:52
17 Shawn Cooper 5:02:58
18 Paul Adams 5:11:22
19 Matthew Neigh 5:21:52
20 Tibor Voros 5:21:53
21 Craig Carroll 5:23:39
22 Joshua Otstot 5:23:39
23 Dan Frazier 5:26:47
24 John Seydlitz 5:27:25
25 Michael Jarosick 5:28:40
26 Gene Spangler 5:29:59
27 John Vorberger 5:30:05
28 Sean Burkey 5:30:57
29 Patrick Daugherty 5:38:44
30 Giampiero Grandi 6:09:48
31 Richard Andersen 6:25:13
32 Larry Pandy 6:28:13
33 Sean Hughes 6:37:29
34 Daniel Resetar 6:43:51
35 Stawn Essman 6:50:06
36 Eric Nelson 6:55:07
37 Jeff Davis 7:05:58
38 Erich Hoehler 7:21:31
39 Tom Bower 7:45:05
40 Bradley Dungan 8:24:47
41 Dale Klinect 9:03:15
42 Tom Alexander 9:54:48
DNF Tim Bennett DNF
DNF Mark Jones DNF
DNS Alan Willey DNS
DNS Thomas Humphrey DNS
DNS Scott Braum DNS
DNS Race Saddler DNS
DNS Mark Dinsdale DNS
DNS James Sardo DNS
DNS James Gignac DNS
DNS Jack Miller DNS
DNS Jack Berry DNS
DNS Gene Toy DNS
DNS Garry Blair DNS
DNS Douglas Beaulieu DNS
DNS Donald Buckley DNS
DNS Craig Burland DNS
DNS Brian Anderson DNS
DNS Ben Downing DNS
DNS Antonio Massaro DNS

Woman Master 100K
Place Name Chip Time
1 Betsy Schauer 4:58:48
2 Nicole Brandt 5:55:58
3 Paula Stewart 6:01:01
DNS Valarie Wright* DNS
DNS Rachel Weaver* DNS
DNS Julie Sroka* DNS

Men 200K
Place Name 100K SPLIT 200K Time
1 Brendan Housler 4:06:36 8:17:53
2 John West         4:10:25 8:52:20
3 Andrew Boissiere 4:10:24 9:02:10
4 Stuart Houltham 4:23:21 9:08:47
5 Mike Kaldy         4:30:41 9:21:14
6 David Cornett         4:29:03 9:37:56
7 Joe Worboy         4:30:41 9:40:31
8 Yuanshuai Si            4:32:28 9:49:40
9 Ryun Mielke         4:49:54 10:30:10
10 Mike Rucker         4:43:52 10:32:19
11 Christopher Holmes 4:44:51 10:37:36
12 Mark Damschroder 4:59:18 10:51:11
13 Chad Lacher         5:00:20 11:00:58
14 Brent Halsey         5:17:30 11:14:40
15 Daniel Nolan         5:21:22 11:17:07
16 Adam Karpowicz 5:33:31 11:38:29
17 Scott Sutton         5:38:55 12:41:12
18 William Rea         5:37:44 12:46:40
DNF    Connor Super 4:08:42 DNF
DNF    Scott Dickson 5:06:01 DNF
DNF    Chuck Boyer 5:11:33 DNF
DNF    Steven Boggs 5:14:38 DNF
DNF    Andrew Bendle 5:26:32 DNF
DNF    Caleb Coates 5:30:15 DNF
DNF    Devon Ault         5:36:03 DNF
DNF    Quinn Sprouse 5:36:04 DNF
DNF    Hart Main         6:33:58 DNF
DNS    Jeremy Gudorf DNS
DNS    Bradley Moreland DNS
DNS    Chris Schuele DNS
DNS    Ee Durbin DNS
DNS    Nicholas Scaggs DNS
DNS    Karlou Jones DNS
DNS    Kenneth Hunt DNS
DNS    Liam Sullivan DNS
DNS    Paul Lander         DNS
DNS    Rajiv Westlick DNS

Men's 200K Master
Place Name 100K SPLIT Chip Time
1 Bodo Knudsen 4:43:39 9:51:01
2 S. Morman*         4:42:33 10:11:42
3 Douglas Ritzert 5:10:40 10:52:32
4 Gary Dunham         5:14:12 11:10:44
5 Mark Brown         4:58:33 11:22:44
6 Steve Curran         5:12:05 11:34:41
7 Arthur Smith         5:32:04 11:53:38
DNF    Jamieson Giefer 4:43:51 DNF
DNF    Jason Molyet 4:50:12 DNF
DNF    Garth Prosser* 4:53:29 DNF
DNF    Todd Mullins 5:17:28 DNF
DNF    Jeff Wass 5:38:30 DNF
DNF    Jeff Shaull 6:11:22 DNF
DNS    Tom Bower DNS
DNS    Ron Smedley DNS
DNS    Eli Orth DNS
DNS    Dean Peterson DNS

Woman 200K Master
Place Name 100K SPLIT Chip Time
1 Judith Stutes*     5:33:32 13:22:08
DNS Jill White*     DNS

Sunday, June 11, 2023

2023Funk Bottoms Gravel Final Instructions


2023Funk Bottoms Gravel Final Instructions

The 13th edition of the Funk Bottoms Gravel 100K/200K race will start promptly at 7:00 am for 200K and 8:00 am for 100K, and new this year the Funk Family Fun Ride at 9:00 am on June 17, 2023, at the Glenmont Village Park 108 Main Street, Glenmont, OH 44628 Google maps directions can be found here 

Race Day Parking

Race day parking is available at the park and at the school next to the park. This year we have a large turnout yet for the Funk Bottoms Gravel.  Racers from 13 states are registered, thanks to everyone that signed up! Please carpool if possible.  No parking on the main roads leading into or out of town. Park in an orderly fashion at the park. Do not take up multiple spaces. Make room for other vehicles. The Village of Glenmont has been more than welcoming to us, so please be respectful and clean up after yourself when leaving.

Arrive early to pick up race packets. Both races will start on time at 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM SHARP! 

- See Road Closures if you are running late. You will not be able to pass through until after racers have gone through. 

Friday early check-in at Glenmont Park 6-8


Race Day Schedule

5:30-7:45 Rider check-in, There will be no race day registration or category changes the deadline was last Friday. Everyone, please bring a signed waiver that is attached to this email. You will receive a number that must be visible on the front of your bike, a course map & cue sheet along with some Hammer Fizz and Hammer Gel. The timing chip will be placed around the left ankle.


6:50 Riders for 200K meeting final instructions, course notes

7:00 200K Start

7:50 Riders for 100K meeting final instructions, course notes

8:00 100K Start

8:50 Riders for the Funk Family Fun Ride meeting final instructions, course notes.

9:00 Funk Family Fun Ride Start

The race starts at the Glenmont Park entrance. There will be a short neutral roll-out this year.  Once we make the slight left onto Twp 29 it’s Funk Time. All riders are required to have a cyclo-computer that can track mileage - Yes, we will verify that you have completed the entire distance at the end.


Post Race

There will be a beverage ticket in everyone’s race packet.  We will have coolers full of ice-cold Yuengling, Coke, and water for everyone to enjoy. Unfortunately, the Glenmont Tavern and Glenmont Store are still closed. The Buckeye Deli in Nashville will be onsite with Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Baked Beans.


Awards will be given to the top 3 in Men's 100K, Men’s 100K Masters, Women's 100K, Women’s 100K masters, Single Speed 100K, Men's 200K, Men’s 200K Masters, Woman’s 200K, Women’s 200K Masters and Single Speed 200K.  The top 3 in each category will receive a custom trophy.  There will also be merchandise from our sponsors for the top 3. Thanks to DeFeet, Hammer Nutrition, Kockaround, Steadfast Fenders, Fuzzy Stitchwork’s and Yuengling.


  For the 200K racers, any racer doing the 200K race starting the second lap after 6.5 hours (1:30) must have lights with them. There is a cutoff of 7.5 hours (2:30) for 200K racers to start the second lap. Yes, the 200K racers are allowed to stop by their vehicle between laps. You cannot decide after the race starts that you will be doing the 100K, if you do not start the second lap it will be counted as a DNF. You must ride over the timing loop when starting the second lap. Please let us know when going out for the second lap so we can keep track of everyone. Additionally, if you cut short and drop out inform us.  We don’t want to call your emergency contact at 11:00 Saturday night to ask if they have heard from you.


 The weather on Saturday looks like a chance of showers and a high of around 80. Hopefully, the forecast improves before then.


The Funk Bottoms Gravel race is self-supported and no outside support is allowed. There is no SAG, you are responsible for you.  

A little clarification on outside support.  The course is designed for the racers to be as self-sufficient as possible.  There will be a secret checkpoint that will be stocked with Hammer Nutrition products. The location of the secret checkpoint will be announced in the morning. Several stores will be around mile 27 when the course heads through Nashville.  You also will have the option around mile 42 to head about half a mile off-course for a Dollar General in Killbuck. The intention is to make the race fair for everyone since some people will travel to the race alone, and not be able to get hand-ups along the course.  There is no formal SAG, however, if you have a medical problem or major mechanical there would be no problem getting outside assistance. We have picked up racers in a final sweep late in the evening in the past. I normally try to ride with $40 cash with me when in the area. $20 for food and water at small-town stores and $20 if things go horribly wrong and I need to pay someone gas money since cell phone service is sketchy along the course. You will find that the people in the area are very friendly. Gravel Angles are allowed to set up an open oasis along the course.


Ohio Gravel Race Series

The Funk Bottoms Gravel 200K is stop #4 on the Ohio Gravel Race Series.  Racers completing the 200K will receive points toward the series.


Course Notes

We found out less than two weeks before the race about a culvert replacement and for safety reasons, we had to reroute the course.  Unfortunately, the reroute will add a few extra miles of pavement.  We apologize in advance for the course not meeting the usual Funk Bottoms standards for being 90% gravel.  The good news is with the reroute the distance is still the same, but I found an extra 200 feet of climbing.  


The course will be marked at all intersections where you turn.  The color of the course markings will match the cue sheet supplied on race day. Think like a pirate as you navigate the gravel seas of Ohio and you will understand the course markings. Expect to encounter farm dogs, cars, trucks, horses, farm equipment and ATV's along the course at any time. If you encounter someone on horseback or an Amish buggy, please approach with care so you don’t spook the horse.



 2023 Funk Bottoms Gravel Course


Below are safety notes and navigational information for sections of the course to pay extra attention to and help not get lost.  


Mile 1 with everyone still close together pay attention.  The road looks like it goes straight, however, there is 90 left turn.



Mile 4.9 Use caution on the turn to US 62




Mile 7.2 Twp 31 makes a quick left then right on County Rd 6


Mile 8.1 Turn left on old Railbed for half mile


Mile 8.4 Once you get to the silver barn turn right on the tractor path 



Mile 8.4 Once you get to the silver barn turn right on the tractor path 


Old railbed section


Mile 10.6 is very sharp left on Twp 251 


Mile 11.4 Use caution at bottom of the hill blind intersection 251 changes to 221 after you cross 51


Mile 14.8 sharp right on County Rd 52. Use caution blind intersection. 



Mile 16.8 Use caution on the turn to County Rd 50








Mile 27 Buckeye Deli food water to purchase open 8:30-10:00. 

 We are working with them to open at 8:00.



Mile 27.6 Dollar General open 8:00-10:00


Mile 29.1 keep straight for Twp 217



Mile 34.8 Right on Twp 256 road can be hard to spot


 Mile 40.6 is the intersection of 64-6-57 backward from years past.  Can be confusing.


Mile 42.5 Dollar General a half mile off course for food/ water to purchase




Mile 48.9 Use caution on the turn to County Rd 19




Mile 51 left on Twp 330




Mile 60.5 Use caution on turn to US 62




Mile 64 use caution two-way bike traffic, stick to the right side. 100K racers be very happy that you do not have to go out for another lap but be sure to cheer on the 200K racers as they start their second lap!




GPX and Cue Sheet Files: updated June 7

2023 100K Route


2023 100K GPX file


2023 200K Route


2023 200K GPX file


Overview map and printable cue sheet 

Leg      Dir       Notes  Total

                    Right on Clifton St     0.2

0.3               Slight Left on Twp 29 0.5

2.1               Right on County Rd 6 2.6

0.2               Left on Twp Rd 34      2.7

2.1               Left on US 62  4.9

0.9               Left on Twp Rd 31      5.8

1.4               Left on County Rd 6   7.2

0                  Right on ​Twp Rd 31   7.3

0.8               Left on Old RailBed   8.1

0.4               Right on drive by barn           8.5

0.1               Left on 520     8.6

0.1               Right on Twp Road 36           8.7

1.9               Sharp Left on Twp Road 251 10.6

0.8                   Keep on Twp Road 221          11.4

0.5                 Continue on Twp Road 221   12

1.9               Left on ​Twp Rd 223    13.9

0.9               Sharp Right on​ County Rd 52           14.8

0.6               Left on Twp Rd 224    15.3

1.6               Right on ​Coounty Rd 50        16.9

1.1               Left on Twp Rd 213    18

0.6               Right on ​Twp Rd 466 18.6

0.1               Left on ​Twp Rd 212    18.7

1                  Right to stay on ​Twp Rd 212 19.7

0.3               Right on Twp Rd 211 20

1                  Left on ​Twp Rd 466    21

2.2               Right on Twp Rd 467 23.2

0.8               Right on OH-179 S     24

0.8               Left on ​Twp Rd 476    24.8

1                  Right on Twp Rd 478 25.8

0.6               Right on OH-514 S     26.5

0.7               Left on Millersburg St 27.1

0.6               Right on ​Twp Rd 219 27.7

1.1               Left on Co Rd 280      28.8

0.3                 Continue on ​Twp Rd 217       29.1

0.8               Right on ​Twp Rd 218 29.8

1                  Left on Co Rd 280      30.8

0.5               Left on ​Co Rd 51        31.3

0.7               Right on ​Twp Rd 259 32

0.6               Slight Right on ​Twp Rd 257   32.6

2.2               Slight Right on Twp Rd 256   34.8

0.4               Left on ​Twp Rd 255    35.1

1.1               Left on Twp Rd 252    36.2

0.2               Right on ​Twp Rd 55   36.4

2.3               Left on ​Twp Rd 54      38.7

1.1               Right on ​Twp Rd 64   39.9

0.8                 Continue on County Rd 6      40.6

0                  Right to stay on County Rd 6 40.6

0                  Left on Twp Rd 57      40.6

1.5               Left on County Rd 620           42.1

0.4                 Continue on Co Rd 53           42.5

0.3               Right on ​Twp Rd 71   42.8

1.1               Left on Twp Rd 73      43.9

1.6               Left on ​Twp Rd 67      45.5

1.6               Right on ​Co Rd 53      47.1

0.3                 Continue on Co Rd 323         47.3

0.1               Left on Twp Rd 324    47.5

1.4               Right on Co Rd 19      48.9

0.8               Left on Twp Rd 331    49.7

0.3               Right to stay on Twp Rd 331 50

1                  Sharp Left on Twp Rd 330     51

0.7               Right to stay on Twp Rd 330 51.7

0.6               Right on Co Rd 33      52.3

1.1               Right to stay on Co Rd 33     53.4

4.5               Right on Co Rd 132    57.8

2.3                 Continue on ​County Rd 27    60.1

0.4               Left on US-62 W         60.5

0.2               Right on ​Twp Rd 24   60.7

2.1               Right on ​County Rd 6 62.8

1.1               Left on ​Twp Rd 29      63.9

Use caution 2 way traffic on 29                                

2.1               Right on ​Co Rd 25      66

0.2               Left on Galatian St     66.2

Through parking lot to bridge                      




Course Markings

Don't rely on course markings as the locals may remove them after the course has been marked.  Each rider will receive a map and cue sheet that will be accurate.

 A picture containing tool, stack

Description automatically generated


There are a few intersections with limited visibility.  We will have DANGER X signs approximately 100 feet before the intersection.  

A close up of a box

Description automatically generated with low confidence

Yuengling for scale

Additional Information


We would like to thank Tom Alexander, Mayor Bob Turner, The Village of Glenmont, and The Holmes County Parks, Briar Hill Stone for everything they have done this year to help us with the race.

Thanks to our sponsors for supporting the race again this year:

Boeshield T9

Breakaway Roasters

Chamois Butt'r


Fuzzy Stitchworks

Hammer Nutrition


Paceline Engineering




Hammer Nutrition has been sharing Fueling Tips with everyone for the past few weeks. You can use code 81989 to save 15% off your first order.