Funk Bottoms Gravel History

In 2011, Funk Bottoms Gravel started in Funk Bottoms, Ohio.  Three blokes from Northeast Ohio, started the race as a training challenge for the Gravel Worlds put on by our PCL brethren in Lincoln, Nebraska. Soon after, our PCL brethren gave us the honorary distinction as the PCL East Coast Chapter.  We didn’t take that lightly.  Our main matey CK, aka Mr. Big Ring, decided to lay the hurt down by scouting some of the nastiest and steepest, dirt & gravel roads Ohio could offer.  To increase the percentage of dirt & gravel roads and CK’s thirst for steepness, the race eventually moved a few miles south of Funk to Lakeville.  In honor of the races beginning departure point, the name was kept.  Besides, Funk Bottoms Gravel just sounds cool!  

Each year, there are slight modifications to the course as more gravel and dirt roads are worked in. In 2013 the race grew to its current format of 100K and 200K course. Also in 2013, America's oldest brewery Yuengling, started donating cases of beer which are awarded to each of the winners.  That same year, our good friends at Hammer Nutrition started sponsoring the event by providing HEED and Hammer Gel for the weary racers. In 2014, we had our first riders from surrounding states participate.  Each year’s race will offer some new twist and turns. Funk Bottoms Gravel is a free race with some cool awards, great scenery, awesome riders, and friendly waves from the folks in central Ohio.  
The 2011 Funk 50

Potenza winner of first ever Funk 50


2012 Funk 50

Paul White 2012 Funk 50


2013 Funk Bottoms 100K\200K

2013 Funk Bottoms 100KWinner Tom Sherry

2013 Funk Bottoms Womans 100K Trish Riess

2013 Funk Bottoms 200K Chris Karpowicz


2014 Funk Bottoms 100K\200K

2014 Funk Bottoms 100K Single Speed Alex Valigosky 

2014 Funk Bottoms Mens 100K Jason Blodgett

2014 Funk Bottoms Womans 100K Sandy Sherry

2014 Funk Bottoms 200K Scott Morman


2015 Funk Bottoms 100K\200K

2015 Funk Bottoms 100K Single Speed Alex Valigosky 

2015 Funk Bottoms Woman's 100K Judy Porter 

2015 Funk Bottoms 100K John Porter

2015 Funk Bottoms 200K Markley Anderson

2015  wooden spoon award Marlin Steinhauser


2016 Funk Bottoms Gravel 100K\200K

100K Mens Jay Gasner, Drew Purcell 4:05

Woman's 100K Judy Porter 5:29

Single Speed Alex Valigosky 6:04 4th year in a row 

200K Winners Gary Blair, Dan Dayton tie 13:00


Mens 100K

Brett McKay, James Pooler, Brett Thompson 4:22

 Mens 100K Single Speed

Markley Anderson 5:06

Womans 100K

Daniela Mehech 5:16

Mens 200K

Scott Morman 10:15

Mens 200K Single Speed

Jordan Caverly 10:23


Woman's 200K 
Woman's 200K Rachel Weaver 11:42

Mens 200K
Men's 200K Jimmy Pooler 9:03

Mens 200K Single Speed
200K Single Speed Jordan Calvery 9:55

Women's 100K

Woman's 100K Sandy Sherry 6:00

Mens 100K
Men's 100K Jeff Pendlebury 3:51

100K Single Speed
100K Single Speed Jack Richardson 5:38


100K Women
Wendy Billings 5:12
Hannah McNeil 5:21
Tayllor Allen 6:06

100K Men
Ben Meer 4:00
Ben Ortt 4:07
Jamie Williams 4:16

100K Singlespeed
Josh Kunz 4:35
Kenny Kovacek 4:49
Brain Kluber 5:36

200K Men
Jeff Pendlebury 9:01

Scott Morman 9:39

 Garth Prosser 10:08

200K Singlespeed
Scott Phillips 11:55

Adam Shepard 14:43

2020 10 Years of the Funk!

Due to COVID-19 we did a virtual race this year.

Mens 100K Jimmy Pooler 4:22

Womans 100K Judy Stutes 6:18

100K Single Speed Josh Kunz 5:17

200K Joe Worboy 12:05


Men's 100K open
1) Ben Meer* 3:55:41
2) Alex Lundbeck (Paul Martin) 3:57:36
3) Maxwell Matsanoff 4:03:41

Women's 100K Open

1) Julia Priet 4:51:38
2) Emily Miller 5:24:48
3) Christina Condon 6:10:02

Men's Master 100K

1) Nate Loman 4:28:36
2) Rudy Sroka 4:36:11
3) Tom Weaver 4:42:29

Women's Master 100K

1) Julie Sroka 5:28:54
2) Judy Porter* 6:09:37
3) Peggy Cook 6:10:16
3) Cynthia Berard 6:10:16

100K Single Speed

1) Josh Kunz* 4:32:04
2) Nicholas Campbell 4:52:21
3) Tucker Cavanaugh 4:56:42

Men's 200K Open

1) Jeff Pendlebury* 8:32:11 (Course Record)
2) Andrew Boissiere 8:41:54
3) Brent Goetz 8:47:23

Women's 200K Open

1) Jen Toops 10:23:04
2) Maggie Livelsberger 11:53:02

Men's Master 200K

1) Garth Prosser 10:18:04
2) Steve Curran 10:33:04
3) Jason Hall 12:55:02

200K Single Speed

1)Scott Phillips* 11:20:01


Men 100K Open
1) Ben Meer* 3:47:22 (Course Record)
2) Maxwell Matsanoff 3:56:17
3) Jason Suppan    4:03:43

Women 100K Open
1) Kassandra Tello 6:22:33

2) Emma Burkey 6:35:54

Men 100K Master

1) James Baldesare 4:05:48
2) Tom Weaver 4:12:15
3) Charles Miller 4:27:46

Women 100K Master

1) Jill White 6:05:26
2) Catherine Luers 7:59:15

3) Valarie Wright 8:25:05

100K Single Speed

1) Josh Kunz* 4:03:38 (SS Course Record)
2) Joe Worboy* 4:31:19
3) Jeff Fraz 5:17:43

Men 200K Open
1) Nicholas Scaggs 8:42:16
2) Jeff Pendlebury* 8:52:16
3) Zach Thorsky 9:07:25

Women 200K Open
1) Jen Toops* 10:08:42 (Course Record)
2) Meagan Gehrke 12:42:25

Men 200K Master
1) Scott Morman* 9:41:19
2) Jamieson Giefer 9:52:03
3) Bodo Knudsen  9:55:00

Women 200K Master
1) Judith Stutes 11:20:31

200K Single Speed
1) Eli Orth 9:22:22
2) Scott Phillips* 9:42:52
3) Besty Schauer 10:28:05


Want your best chance to finish Funk Bottoms? Race single speed.

*Denotes past Funk Bottoms Champion

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