Friday, October 5, 2012

Start Time Change

Important information about tomorrow's Funk 50. The start time will be changed until 9:30. Hopefully the delay in start time will provide better weather.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cook'em Kwick

The winner of the Funk 50 will win a Hobo Stove.

The Funk 50 is only 2 days away, cue sheets and maps have been printed.  I am working on some maps for some of the tricky/ blind turns to reduced change of rides getting lost. It looks like we maybe in for  a cool damp start on Saturday.  Rider meeting 7:55 to discuss course, Powerball locations, etc.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Funk 50 Saturday October 6, 2012

The Fall Funk 50 Saturday October 6, 2012 starting at 8:00 am.

This edition of the Funk 50 will be 60 miles of paved, chip & seal, gravel, and dirt roads.  We will start at Funk Bottoms Wildlife observation platform parking lot in Funk, OH.

You will be required to purchase to Ohio Lottery Powerball tickets at the following locations:


Mile 47
14641 S R 3

Course directions:
0 mi West on OH-95 
0.44 mi Turn L onto Snoddy Rd
1.41 mi Turn L onto Wilderness Rd
2.16 mi Turn R onto Newkirk Rd
2.4 mi Turn L onto Wilderness Rd
4.19 mi Turn R onto Clay Plant Rd
5.48 mi Turn R onto OH-3 S/S Columbus Rd
6.49 mi Turn L onto Funk Rd
7.42 mi Continue onto Co 223\ Aylsworth Rd
8.45 mi Turn R to stay on Aylsworth Rd
9.46 mi Turn R onto Twp 316\ Brown Rd
10.53 mi Turn L onto Funk Rd
10.94 mi Turn R onto Twp 3\  McFadden Rd
11.42 mi Turn L to stay on McFadden Rd
11.95 mi Turn L onto OH-226 N/Shreve Rd
12.2 mi Continue onto Co Rd 100
12.74 mi Slight L onto Twp Rd 508
13.32 mi Head south on Twp Rd 508 toward Twp Rd 511
13.41 mi Turn L onto Twp Rd 511
14.42 mi Turn R onto Co Hwy 373
14.93 mi Turn R onto Twp Rd 474
16.67 mi Sharp L onto Twp Rd 472
17.26 mi Turn L onto Twp Rd 471
17.83 mi Turn R onto Twp Rd 508
18.02 mi Turn L onto Twp Rd 509
18.72 mi Turn L onto Twp Rd 473
18.81 mi Turn R onto Twp Rd 501
19.11 mi Turn R onto OH-514 S
19.39 mi Turn L onto Twp Rd 506
19.62 mi Turn R onto Twp Rd 501
20.62 mi Turn R onto Twp Rd 503
21.53 mi Turn L onto OH-514 S
22.05 mi Turn L onto Millersburg St/State Route 60 S
22.11 mi Turn R onto Co Rd 52\ Monroe St
24.6 mi Hard R onto Twp Rd 224
26.17 mi Turn R onto Co Rd 50
27.29 mi Sharp L onto Twp Rd 213
27.87 mi Turn R onto Twp Rd 466
27.99 mi Turn L onto Twp Rd 212
29.25 mi Turn L onto Twp Rd 211
32.05 mi Turn R onto Twp Rd 208
32.99 mi Twp Rd 208  becomes Co Hwy 230 after Co Hwy 23
33.66 mi Co Hwy becomes Co Rd 529
34.84 mi Turn R onto Twp Rd 3050
35.1 mi Turn L onto Twp Rd 455
36.62 mi Turn R onto E Main St/SR 60 S
36.9 mi Turn L onto Twp Rd 457
36.99 mi Turn R onto Twp Rd 463
38.25 mi Turn L onto Twp Rd 462
39.01 mi Turn R onto Co Hwy 385
39.84 mi Turn R onto Co Hwy 22
41.45 mi Turn L onto Twp Rd 464
42.15 mi Sharp R onto Twp Rd 469
43.03 mi Slight L onto Twp Rd 466
43.26 mi Turn R onto Twp Rd 470
45.44 mi Turn L onto Co Rd 100
45.98 mi Turn R onto OH-179 N
46.18 mi Turn L onto OH-179 N/OH-226 S
Powerball Iron Pony Saloon & Drive Thru 14641 SR 3 Lakeville, OH
47.22 mi Head north on OH-179 N
48.27 mi Turn R onto Twp Hwy 2600
49.15 mi Twp Hwy 2600 becomes Twp Hwy 9\ Metcalf Rd
50.66 mi Turn L onto  Co Hwy 104\ Newkirk Rd
54 mi Turn R onto Twp Hwy 290\ Schwartzwalder Rd
55.79 mi Turn L onto Clay Plant Rd
56.29 mi Turn L onto Wilderness Rd
57.79 mi Turn R onto Funk Rd
59.32 mi Turn R onto OH-95 E/Blachleyville Rd
59.47 mi Turn R into Funk Bottoms Wildness 

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Entrance to Funk Bottoms Wildlife parking lot.

The route with elevation profile.

The route with mile markers.

Wilderness Rd

Gravel Etiquette & Safety

This is common sense stuff, but needs to be mentioned. There are several things folks must do on a gravel ride that will keep themselves and others safe which will ensure a fun and rewarding experience.
  1. Stay to the right and don't ride in the opposite lane especially up climbs/rollers! If I catch or even hear of anyone riding in the opposite lane up a climb, they will be disqualified. No questions asked. Why? If a vehicle comes blasting over the top, you and/or everyone behind you will most likely get hurt and/or killed. Not cool. Stay to the right. Stay to the right. Stay to the right.
  2. Remain attentive to your surroundings! Please keep your head up and be sure to be on the look out for traffic, dogs/animals, loose gravel, wheel sucking ruts or cracks in bridges, soft sand, large white rock, or anything else that can potentially take you or someone else down. Look at your cue sheet when it is safe. If you need to stop to view the cue sheet, stop. There's no time limit on this bad daddy.
  3. Call things out! If you see or go through something sketchy be sure warn your colleagues by calling it out and pointing to it if you can safely do so. Yes, you can say "car up" on a gravel ride. In fact, it's the courteous thing to do. Also when passing, please do so at a safe juncture and kindly and loudly proclaim "on your left". If you plan on slowing or stopping be sure the folks behind you are aware prior to taking action.
  4. Stop if someone needs help! This is all about fun folks. So if you see someone stopped or in need of assistance, please ask if they need help and offer a helping hand if possible. The bike Gods will smile upon you if you do.
  5. Let the dust settle if you get dusted! If you get dusted by a vehicle, and this is highly likely right now do to the lack of moisture recently, slow down and let the dust settle. First off this will prevent a potential collision from another vehicle traveling through the dust cloud who is unable to see you until it's too late. Secondly it's a lot better on your lungs, trust me.
  6. Keep a straight line and call out/signal when changing position! If you find yourself in a group or even with another rider, please keep a straight line and avoid dramatic lines changes. Also signal with your hand or call out when you plan on making changes in your line. The crushing of gravel is louder than you think and you may not hear a rider behind or even beside you on occasions.
  7. Don't be a dick! If I hear of any dickish behavior by any rider, they will be disqualified. Remember this ride is about fun.
  8. Obey the traffic laws!Please obey all traffic laws. That includes stopping at stop signs, signaling when turning. 
  9. Come prepared!First off, be sure to have everything you need to ensure you can deal with a mechanical issue (broken chain, flat tire, etc.). Secondly, plan your food and fluid consumption needs prudently. The pseudo-checkpoints have been warned of your arrival and will have plenty of sustenance available for purchase. So bring some cash along! The minimal things you should have on you during the ride include: helmet, eye protection,   , a minimum of two water bottles or a hydration pack, snacks, cyclocomputer, tools, tubes, cell phone, cue sheet holder, your wits and climbing legs!  
Thanks to the Pirate Cycling League for the Gravel Etiquette