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Thursday, June 27, 2013

2013 Funk 100\ 200 Final Instructions

Important Funk 100\200 information and final instructions.

The race will start at 8:00 am sharp at The Blachleyville Church of Christ 8482 Blachleyville Rd,Blachleyville the church is 2 miles East of Funk, OH on the corner of OH-95 and Blachleyville Rd. 

7:15-7:50 Rider check-in, map & cue sheet to be handed out.

7:55 Rider meeting final instructions, course notes

8:00 Race starts

Awards will be given to the overall winner in Men's 100K, Women's 100K, Men's 200K, Women's 200K.  Winner's will be given awards when they finish.

Please note unless I can get the church to unlock the door there are no restrooms available at the start line. 

Please send me an email with any questions. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Funk 100\ 200 Awards

Along with a case of beer from Yuengling the winner gets one of these laser cut plaques.  Custom made by Potenza just for the FBG.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Care Package From Hammer Nutrition

Hammer Nutrition has shipped a nice little care package for the Funk 100\200.  There will be Hammer Heed available at the start, and each rider will receive a Hammer Gel and sample pack of Endurolytes.

Visit this link to learn more about Hammer Nutrition and save 15% off your first order.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Funk Bottoms 100\ 200 Cue Sheet and Route Information

 The Funk 100/200 will be on Saturday June 29Th at 8:00 at the Blachleyville Church of Christ parking lot in Funk, OH. On each 64 mile loop riders can expect paved, chip & seal, gravel, and dirt roads with over 5,500 feet of climbing. The Funk 100/200 is a self supported event you must be prepared for any mechanical or nutrition needs. The course will NOT be marked. All riders are required to have a cyclocomputer that can track mileage - Yes, we will verify that you completed the entire distance at the end.
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The course has been verified with the cue sheet and turns are correct. You will receive a cue sheet and a map before the start.  There will be 3 places where riders can locate water along the course and locations are noted on the cue sheet.  The water locations are parks in Big Prarrie 9.2 miles, Glenmont 23.5 miles, and the Loudonville swimming pool 38.2 miles. There will be a bridge out for construction before Glenmont.  You can bypass the bridge and cross the ditch with no problems if its dry.
There are a few roads that are missing signs and they are noted on the cue sheet  with a * (* L on Clayplant Rd*).  Most of the roads missing signs were noted during course pre-rides and every effort has been taken to mark them on the cue sheet.  There will be a few blind turns that have been marked in bold as well (*Sharp L on Twp 213*). Having a accurate cyclocomputer along with the map and cue sheet will prevent you from getting lost. 
0 Head south on S Elyria Rd
2.3  R on Wilderness Rd
3  *L on Clayplant Rd*
3.5  R on Schwartzwalder Rd
4.4  L on S Funk Rd/ Co 16
6.6  R to stay on S Funk Rd
8 Slight R on McFadden Rd
8.5  L to stay on McFadden Rd
9.1  L on OH-226 N/Shreve Rd
9.2 Head south on OH-226 N/Shreve Rd
9.3 Continue on Co Rd 100
 Water at park on right
9.9 L on twp Hwy 508/twp Rd 508
10.5  L on twp Hwy 511/twp Rd 511
10.8  R on twp Hwy 510/twp Rd 510
11.3  R on twp Hwy 474/twp Rd 474
11.5  L on twp Hwy 508/twp Rd 508
12.5  L on twp Rd 509
13.2  L on twp Rd 473
13.3  R on twp Hwy 501/twp Rd 501
13.7  R on OH-514 S
13.9  L on twp Hwy 506/twp Rd 506
14.1  R on twp Hwy 501/twp Rd 501
17  R on twp Hwy 217/twp Rd 217
17.2  L on Co Rd 280
18.3 Slight R on twp Hwy 221/twp Rd 221
21.5  R on Co Hwy 51/Co Rd 51
22.3  R on OH-520 W
 #Bridge out before Glenmont#
23.4  L on OH-520 W/Main St
 Water at park on left
23.8 Slight R on twp Hwy 20/twp Rd 20
25.3  L to stay on twp Hwy 20/twp Rd 20
25.6  R on twp Hwy 225/twp Rd 225
26.7  L on Co Hwy 50/Co Rd 50
28.8 *Sharp L on twp Rd 213*
29.3  R on twp Hwy 466/twp Rd 466
29.5  L on twp Hwy 212/twp Rd 212
30.7  L on twp Rd 211
31.1 Slight L toward twp Hwy 211/twp Rd 211
31.2  R on twp Hwy 211/twp Rd 211
33.5  R on twp Hwy 208/twp Rd 208
34.5  R on Co Hwy 23 (2nd crossing by Arrow point)
34.6 Slight L on twp Hwy 451/twp Rd 451
35.5  L on twp Hwy 452/twp Rd 452
37  L on twp Hwy 454/twp Rd 454
37.2  R on twp Hwy 455/twp Rd 455
 Water at park on left
38.2  R on OH-39
38.5  L on twp Rd 457
38.6  *R on twp Hwy 463/twp Rd 463*
39.9  L on twp Rd 462
40.3 Head north on twp Rd 462 toward Co Hwy 385
40.6  R on Co Hwy 385
41.5  R on Co Hwy 22
41.9 Slight R to stay on Co Hwy 22
43.1  L on twp Hwy 464/twp Rd 464
43.8 *Sharp R on twp Hwy 469/twp Rd 469*
44.7  R on twp Hwy 466/twp Rd 466
44.8  L on twp Rd 473
47.2  *L on twp Hwy 508/twp Rd 508*
48  L on twp Hwy 471/twp Rd 471
49.4  R on twp Hwy 470/twp Rd 470
50.4  L on Co Rd 100
50.6  R on Co Hwy 101/Co Rd 101
50.8  R on OH-226 N
61.6  *L on Snoddy Rd*
52.7  *R on Metcalf Rd*
53.4  L on Newkirk Rd
56.8  R on Schwartzwalder Rd
58.6  L on Clayplant Rd
59.1  L on Wilderness Rd
60.6  R on S Funk Rd
62.1  R on OH-95 E/Blachleyville Rd
64.4 Destination will be on the R

Thanks to Tom Sherry for a vesion of the cue sheet color coded with turns.

The bridge that will be out before Glenmont,  you can bypass the bridge and cross the ditch with no problems if its dry.

Questions, comments, concerns? Post here or send me an email

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Starting location changed

 Due to higher than anticipated interest we will be moving the start 2 miles to the Blachleyville Church of Christ, and we will start an hour later. We will be starting at 8:00 not 7:00.

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