Monday, June 8, 2020

2020 Funk Bottoms Gravel Strava ride

2020 Funk Bottoms Gravel Strava ride


Must be registered by June 12th  , Everyone who participates in the Strava race will get a special 10 years of the Funk T-shirt.

If you defer your registration until 2021 or request a refund, you will not get a shirt.

If you donate your race entry fee to the Holmes County Trail, you will receive a Funky surprise in the mail.

We will have a strava segment of 66 miles for the race from the start at park driveway until the split of 520 and Galation Street.

We will check all riders strava to verify they rode the course

Must be at least 66 miles

Time will be based on elapsed time not ride time, do not set your GPS device to auto stop.

You have from May 22 to August 31 to complete the course.

You can ride the course more than once.

If you ride single speed during the strava ride, you must include picture of your bike on the course by one of the scavenger hunt items.

Once you are registered and have completed the route please email your Strava to  We will have a Google Sheets where everyone can view the results. 


Scavenger hunt time Bonus (30 seconds each):

1)     Picture of letters FBG (30 seconds each)

2)     Picture of sign from Jimtown

3)     Picture of one lane bridge

4)     Picture of receipt from Killbuck (double bonus)

5)     Picture of food and drink from Glenmont Tavern (double bonus)

6)     Picture of a cemetery (30 seconds each)

7)     Picture of giant mushroom carved from tree

8)     Picture of Bigfoot with gun

9)     Barn with date on it (bonus for oldest barn)

10)  Fallen tree across the road (it would not be the funk without a fallen tree)


Note: A portion of all racer entry fees will be donated to the Holmes County Trail.