Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Updated Starting Location

Due to a scheduling conflict with the Blachleyville Church this year the Funk 100/200 will start at a roadside park on SR-179 outside of Lakeville.  There will be a pavilion and an outhouse, which is an improvement over last years corn field.

The 2014 Funk 100\200 will still start at 8:00am on Saturday June 28th.  The route has not been finalized yet but it looks like it will be 65 miles with 6700 feet of climbing. Good news is the course will have more gravel and over 1000 feet more climbing than last year. 

Google maps directions can be found here

To enter send a postcard with your name, hometown, email address, and category (see below) for the event to:

Funk Bottoms Gravel
8609 SR-176
BVH, OH 44147-1907

Funk 100
Open  Men
Open Women

Funk 200
Open Men
Open Women