Monday, June 29, 2015

2015 Funk Bottoms Winners

It started raining Friday around 9:00 while we were still marking the course.  The rain continued to be heavy all night.  Saturday morning, the Mohican river was less than a foot from going over its banks.  With rain in the forecast all day, we cancelled the 200K and just ran the 1 lap-100K due to concerns of flooded roads.  At the pre-race meeting I told everyone: whoever gets to a flooded road first and cannot pass will be declared the winner. Luckily we did not encounter any flooding, just 2 downed trees crossing the roads.

Save the date of June 25, 2016. 

Markley Anderson 200K winner

John Porter 100K winner

Judy Porter women 100K winner

Alex Valigosky single speed winner 3 years in a row!

Marlin Steinhauser wooden spoon award.

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